Professional Carpet Cleaning Wollongong

Steam or Dry Clean

We have different carpet cleaning methods available for different needs and preferences.

Stain Removal

Pets toilet training? Wild party? Make up dropped on the floor? We can spot-treat specific stains to get them gone.

Odour Removal

Smoke, pets and cooking smells cling to soft furnishings such as carpets. A professional carpet clean will leave your whole space smelling fresher.

Water damage & Insurance Claims

If not treated properly, water damage can lead to ongoing issues such as mould growth. Early treatment is key!

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Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

While regular vacuuming removes a lot of particle matter from your carpets, it doesn't remove oils and liquids from soaking into the fibres. Most domestic vacuum cleaners aren't powerful enough to really draw much particulate matter from carpets, particularly those with a longer pile. The dirt we collect on the bottoms of our shoes, your pet's paws, or even the undersides of our bags, gets transferred to the carpet and accumulates over time. This, combined with hair, dead skin cells, and general dust creates a haven for bacteria and dust mites to thrive in our carpet. Not only will having your carpets professionally cleaned make them look and smell better, but you will create a healthier environment for your family to live in.

  • Removes visible staining;
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours;
  • Improves overall appearance;
  • Sanitises and removes bacteria;
  • Improves air quality;
  • Reduces allergies;
  • Prolongs life of carpet;
  • Increases potential sale price of your property;
  • Protects bond on rentals;
  • Creates a safer environment for babies or young children playing on the floor.
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We also offer professional cleaning for rugs, upholstery, and mattresses. Ask us about a package deal and have your whole house or commercial space feeling, looking, and smelling fresh.

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