Upholstery Cleaning Woonona

Furniture Upholstery

Whether it's the family sofa or the dining chairs, we'll brighten your living space.

Car Upholstery

Dogs, kids, smoke - you name it, we've cleaned it from car upholstery!

Steam or Dry Clean

We have different cleaning treatments available depending on your needs.

Upholstery protection

Professional fabric protection will extend the life of your upholstery and prevent further stains from occurring.

Ask About Professional Upholstery Cleaning Woonona

Benefits of having your Upholstery cleaned

Life is messy and accidents happen, right? Spilled drinks, muddy paws and greasy fingerprints can leave upholstery looking tired and grubby. We love seeing the look on our customer's faces when they realise how good their upholstery looks after being professionally cleaned. Our professional, Woonona upholstery cleaning team will leave your furniture looking and smelling brighter and newer. For allergy sufferers, it's important to stay on top of dust mites, which can take up residence in soft furnishings over time. Having your upholstery deep cleaned is a simple, affordable way to improve the air quality in your home.

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