Shellharbour Upholstery Cleaning Service

Furniture Upholstery

We can remove marks and stains from your lounge and dining chairs to have them looking great again.

Car Upholstery

Effective removal of visible dirt and invisible odours from your vehicle upholstery.

Steam or Dry Clean

Different professional upholstery cleaning methods, dependant on your individual needs or preferences.

Upholstery protection

Extend the life of your furniture by having a professional fabric protection treatment applied. Prevent future stains now!

Benefits of having your upholstery
professionally cleaned

Life is messy. Accidents happen, whether it's a set of muddy footprints through the house or a spilled drink. Even in the absence of specific stains, upholstery can start looking grubby and worn over time. Gradual absorption of oils from the skin and even the dust and dirt that blows in via open windows cause discolouration. It's really satisfying for our Shellharbour Upholstery cleaning team to see our customers ' surprise at how good their furniture looks after being professionally treated. Not only does upholstery cleaning leave your furniture looking brighter and newer, it makes it smell fresh too! Grime collected over time creates a breeding ground for dust mites and unwanted bacteria. For allergy sufferers in particular, it's important to minimise exposure to dust mites. Having your upholstery deep cleaned is a simple, affordable way to improve the air quality in your home.

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