Shellharbour Mattress Cleaning Service

Dust Mite Treatment

Mattresses can hold huge numbers of dust mites. This can be a trigger for asthma and allergies.

Mattress Sanitisation

Our mattress treatment kills viruses, bacteria and even mould spores leaving you with a healthier sleeping space.

Steam or Dry Clean

We can provide various methods of professional mattress cleaning, dependant on your preferences or needs.

Odour & Stain Removal

Bed wetting doesn't have to mean the end of a mattress. We can leave your mattress looking and smelling fresh again.

Benefits of having your mattress cleaned

Did you know that you will spend up to one third of your life in bed? Your mattress absorbs sweat oils, dead skin cells and goodness knows what else over it's life time. This cocktail is perfect for bacteria, dust mites and even mould spores to thrive in. Allergens such as these can result in symptoms of hayfever, eczema, and reduced sleep quality.
What's more, mattresses are expensive! Extend the life of your mattress by taking proper care of it and feel the benefits in both your health and your bank account!
Create a healthier sleep environment for yourself and your family by regularly having your mattresses professionally cleaned.

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How often should you clean your mattress?

The recommended life of a mattress is (on average) eight to ten years. Over this time, it accumulates a lot of body fluids, dead skin cells, and subsequent odours. Regularly changing your sheets and using a mattress protector helps keep some of these substances from building up, but eventually, mattresses still become an ideal habitat for dust mites, bacteria, mould, viruses, and fungus. It’s unpleasant to think about, but we share our beds with millions of tiny organisms every night. Dust mites thrive in a warm, humid environment and that makes your bed pretty inviting! We recommend having your mattress professionally cleaned annually. More regularly might be appropriate in cases of bed wetting, heavy night sweats, or with more than one person sharing a bed. We suggest regularly vacuuming your mattress in between professional cleans and if possible, place it out in the full sun for a few hours every now and again.

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