Mattress Cleaning Wollongong

Dust Mite Treatment

Mattresses can hold large amounts of dust mites, which are responsible for allergies and breathing problems.

Mattress Sanitisation

Our mattress cleaning treatments kill viruses, bacteria and even mould.

Dry or Steam Clean

We offer different types of professional mattress cleaning, subject to your needs or preferences.

Unpleasant Odour & Stain Removal

A bed wetting accident doesn't have to mean replacing your mattress. We can having your mattress looking and smelling fresh again.

Benefits of having your mattress cleaned

Your mattress absorbs sweat, dead skin cells and goodness knows what else over it's life time. With most mattresses being used for 10 years before replacement, this creates a haven for dust mites, bacteria and even fungus. These allergens can cause symptoms such as asthma, hayfever, eczema and overall poor sleep quality.
Plus, mattresses are expensive! Prolong the life of your mattress by engaging a professional cleaning service regularly and feel the benefits in both your health and your hip pocket!

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How often should you clean your mattress?

Most mattresses have over 3000 night’s sleep during their life time, which means they absorb a fair amount of sweat, dribble, and dead skin cells. Regular changing of your sheets and using a mattress protector helps keep things a little fresher, however, mattresses still become a home for dust mites, mould, viruses and bacteria. The reality is that we share our beds with millions of other tiny organisms every night. We recommend getting your mattress cleaned every 12 months and more frequently if bed wetting or night sweats occur or with two people sharing a bed. It’s a good idea to vacuum your mattress regularly and if possible, place it outside in the full sun for a few hours every now and then.

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