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Having your carpets professionally cleaned makes them look, feel, and smell newer, and creates a healthier environment for you and your family! Whether it’s an end-of-lease clean, a freshen-up of the home, or a stubborn stain from an unfortunate incident, we can help. Our friendly team brings years of experience in carpet cleaning Illawarra wide. We service suburbs throughout Wollongong and Shellharbour, so call us today for a quote on your carpet, rug, or upholstery cleaning needs.

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Let Us Work While You Unwind

We pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy for our customers. Ask us how a professional clean can extend the life of your furnishings, improve your health and provide a huge return on investment when you see instant results. We service the entire Illawarra area from Helensburgh to Shellharbour.

Disinfect and Sanitise your Carpets

Carpet sanitisation is one of the main reasons people call us for carpet cleaning services in the Illawarra. For truly clean carpets in your home, it’s important to call in a professional carpet cleaner to get the best results. Even the top of the range home vacuum cleaners are only able to remove dust and debris from the top layer of your carpet. This means germs, fungus, and bacteria are left to gradually thrive in the deeper carpet layers.

Book a professional carpet cleaning today to create a safer environment for you and your family to enjoy. Our Illawarra carpet cleaning service will make your home feel, smell, and look fresh.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Illawarra

We are a professional Illawarra carpet steam cleaning service for residential and commercial buildings. Our customers get the best cleaning services at great prices throughout Wollongong and Shellharbour. Our highly trained carpet cleaners will get effective results through steam cleaning with eco-friendly solutions so your family and pets are safe.

Carpet Shampooing & Hot Water Extraction Method

With this process, our brush bristles pump a special shampoo solution into your dirty carpet. It’s especially effective at removing unwanted carpet odours which may have been caused by smoke, pets, or cooking. 

The hot water extraction method pumps steam into the carpet layers to relax the fibres and released trapped dirt particles and break up oils. We implement cleaning products to remove stains and a specialised rotary head to rinse the carpet thoroughly. Our super-strength water extraction equipment then sucks the majority of the water from your carpet so that it dries quickly and thoroughly. If you want to know if your money was well spent, ask to see the colour of the water that’s been extracted!

Carpet Dry Cleaning Illawarra

If you need to minimise water and get a quick and effective surface clean, carpet dry cleaning is a brilliant option. A Dry cleaning solution is applied by our experienced carpet cleaning team, which will break down dirt, oils, and stains in your carpet. After giving the solution time to work, we use our powerful vacuum equipment to remove the solution and the dirt from your carpet along with it! We repeat the process where necessary until your carpet is looking it’s best again.

Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Both methods of carpet cleaning are highly effective and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We tailor our cleaning offerings to best suit individual customers’ needs. Here are some of the things we take into consideration when helping you decide whether steam cleaning or dry cleaning is the best option for you.

Advantages of steam cleaning:

  • Super effective at killing 99.9% of germs;
  • Combats mould and mildew growth;
  • Removes dust mites.

Disadvantages of steam cleaning:

    • Carpet can take 3-6 hours to dry.

Advantages of dry cleaning:

  • Good for instantly visible surface cleaning;
  • Effective in heavy traffic areas;
  • Uses less water so minimal drying time plus good in water restriction conditions;
  • Cheaper than steam cleaning

Disadvantages of dry cleaning;

  • Less of a deep clean compared to steam cleaning.
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Carpet Flea treatment

If you have pets in the home, occasionally you can get fleas on your carpet. In the lush greenery of the Illawarra, it’s not uncommon for pets to get a few fleas hitching a ride into your home. If you aren’t sure, one way to test for fleas is to walk around the house with white socks on. Fleas are very easily visible and will jump onto your warm socks as you move about. We can help you with a professional carpet flea treatment to get on top of the problem quickly and effectively.

Stain Removal and Spot Treatments

Even new, clean carpets can get a few unsightly stains. The good news is our professional Illawarra carpet cleaning team is excellent at removing stains! Common carpet stains we find ourselves treating include:

Urine Stains in Carpet:

Puppy training almost always means a few accidents on the carpet. Unfortunately, once a dog pees on your carpet, even if you can’t see or smell it anymore, often another dog can. We find that visiting furry friends or other dogs/cats in the home start marking their scent in the same spot and the cycle continues! Once your pet is mastering the art of doing their business outside, it’s a great time to book a thorough deep clean of your carpets.

Red Wine Spills on Carpet:

Been there, done that! Red wine is delicious, but it’s really tricky to get out of carpets and most store-bought cleaning solutions just don’t cut it. The good news is we have years of experience making the memories of those dinner parties disappear (in a good way!)

Blood Stain Removal:

Unfortunate injuries or events are traumatic enough without being reminded of them by an ugly stain on the carpet. We have specialised carpet cleaning methods to effectively remove blood stains.

Food and Beverage on the Carpet:

Oily food is particularly tricky to remove from carpets without leaving stains. Scrubbing hard can also damage carpet fibres. Book our team to efficiently remove food and drink spills from your carpets as soon as possible!

A Cleaning Solution to suit you

Our customers are constantly amazed at just how much difference a professional carpet cleaning service can make. Before forking out big money for new furnishings, let our team advise on whether we can bring your carpet or lounge back to life!

Servicing the Illawarra Area

We are a local business, serving local people.

End of Lease / Moving In Clean

Protect your bond and leave your property in tip top shape. Moving in? Start fresh with a professional deep clean.

Spring Clean / Freshen Up

A thorough clean of your home can include, carpets, rugs, lounges and even mattresses.

Water Damage and Insurance

Water coming into the home can cause mould and further damage if not treated promptly and effectively.

Stubborn Stains and Odours

Whether it's red wine from last night's 40th or the puppy is finally toilet trained, we can help fix your problems!

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Our Happy Customers

carpet cleaning illawarra
carpet cleaning illawarra
Vanessa M, Figtree

We were only going to get our rug cleaned, but I was so impressed by the results we ended up getting all the bedrooms done as well!

carpet cleaning illawarra
Sam H, Helensburgh

I was really upset by the condition of the carpets when we moved into our rental property and was thinking we would have to buy heaps of rugs to cover all the stains. Thrilled with the results from having our carpets cleaned - best money we spent!